Christmas Makeup Zoella style


Christmas is one of those important times of the year where it is not just acceptable but expected of you to get dolled up and into the party mood. Whether you want to go for a natural look or the full out red lips, I really love the Christmas make – up look that Zoella does and try to recreate this look on myself which is relatively simple having the same skin tone and hair colour. However, to achieve this look I use different products (sorry about the bad quality of the picture my camera is currently in for repairs).  The look I am going for this Christmas has slight differences than in this photograph because I am looking for that perfect matte red.


step one:

all-in-one-instablur-makeup-primer_lThe Primer I used is the body shops Insta Blur which is an all in one 5 action perfecter and it comes in one universal shade. Its texture is really soft and it smooths in and fills in any larger pores or unwanted lines in and it comes in a 25ml tube which is a handy travel size product.

The primer I used is the body shops Insta Blur which is an all in one 5 action perfecter and it comes in one universal shade. Its texture is really soft and it smooths in and fills in any larger pores or unwanted lines in and it comes in a 25ml tube which is a handy travel size product.

step two:

The con30-warmbeige_1cealer I have been using recently is my favourite high coverage concealer and it is drug store which means the price is so reasonable at approximately £8.00 which for the product is an absolute steal. This concealer is from Rimmel London and is the lasting finish concealer corrector, and I am in the shape 020 Ivory if we are similar skin tones. What is great about this product is that it really does last all day and is good if you have red patches on your skin, because it conceals all imperfections and is great for the undereye circles.

Step three:

Foundation wise, as you will all know by now I am in LOVE with number 7 foundations and the coverage they give. The one I am currently using and wearing is the stay perfect Foundation for non-stop complexion perfections. it is hypo – allergenic., has a SPF of 15 and has an up to 24 hours wear, I am the lightest shade of Calico. img_7997

step four: s-l225

highlighting has to be my all-time favourite about doing my make – up. My least favourite is contouring because I find it really difficult and my hand eye co – ordination issues most defiantly show if you get up to close. The products I use are the Techniques highlight and contour crayons which come in three shades, I blend them into the foundation and then place the technic get gorgeous highlighting illumination powder and the revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit in light C04.

Steploreal-blush-71 five blush:

In my make – up bag I have three favourite blushes that I would happily recommend to people, my everyday one and the one used in this look is the Loreal Paris Le Blush in sandalwood pink, which is glittery and shimmery so goes really well with more dewy foundations (or if like me you just cant stay away from that highlighter. If you are looking for a more stand out and prominent pink then I would suggest the No.7 blush in peach velvet. Again if you want a more lighter blush then the Rimmel lasting finish soft colour blush 020 pink Rose is the colour for you.

Step six:

The brows are very important to certain people especiamaybelline-new-york-master-brow-pro-palette-colour-_57lly if you are going for
that instabrow look. My eye product is the Master brow pro palette from Maybelline New York, what I love about this product and why I think it is such a good brow shaper is the gel that comes with this product. Step one is use the gel to shape, step two use the brow powder to fill in and step three it comes with a light powder to place under the eyebrows and act as a highlighter adding increasing definition and shape to your eyebrows.

step seven:

nakedmuaiconic009eye colour palette that works best for me is the Revolution redemption iconic two palette, because I have green eyes the warm browns and golds complement them really well, it comes with 12 different colours and an applicator.(as you can see its a cheaper copy of Naked Palette) I take the lightest brown and place it all over my eye lid and then my crease, next I go to the second darkest brown and put it into my crease, at the end of the lid working my way to the centre goes the shimmering brown and the inside of my lid to the centre is the shimmering copper. Then I take a kabuki brush and blend it all out into a smokey eye. Then to finish the eye look I use either the number 7 elongate lashes mascara or if I went extra volume the colossal go extreme in leather black by Maybelline New York.

step eight:63bf28d619097b69a41caa0948d6343a

The red lips are perhaps the most important Christmas lip colour which will tie this whole look together the lipsticks I can suggest are mac as these will stay on the best all day and feel amazing on your lips. However, don’t panic if you are looking at more fo a drugstore price range as there are plenty of suitable reds including loreal Paris colour riche in 297 red passion which is the colour I have in the picture above.  to set this all in I use the real techniques buffing brush by sam and Nick coating it in the Rimmel London match perfection loose powder in the shade 001 transparent.


Here is how to do it a lot better than I do, I hope you have enjoyed this blog!



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